Polish Artificial Bees

Busy Bees Indeed

Busy Bees Indeed

Within two years, engineers from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology want to create an appliance which will pollinate plants. The look of the artificial bee is not similar to their natural counterparts but they will be more efficient because they will not look for food. The artificial bees will help farmers in the pollination of plants. The first tests will take place next years. Dr. Rafał Dalewski from Warsaw University of Technology explained that recent work will allow the mechanical bees to fly. The system of collecting pollen by the artificial bee has been developed and resembles one used by real bees in nature. The mechanical insect will collect pollen thanks to an elastic whisk. At first the artificial bees will not function outside but in greenhouses. The research and development of the artificial bees is being led by the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical and it will last two years. There has been a significant decrease in the number of bees all over the world over the past few years and in some parts of the world bees have disappeared. Scientists are not in agreement about what the cause of this decline and extinction is but many believe the pesticides used in agriculture to be a major cause. If we allow bees to go extinct, humanity would starve because these insects pollinate the majority of plants on earth. In China a million people pollinate pear trees by hand but the effectiveness of their work is a great deal less efficient than the work of bees. Worryingly, some plants simply cannot be pollinated by hand.

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