Ombudsman Questions Pensions

The Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection argues that both men and women should retire at the same age. The ombudsman is going to lodge an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal against the regulations governing the pension law. The formal application is almost complete, waiting to be officially submitted. Jan Kochanowski, the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection, will take the final decision on Monday or Wednesday of next week after he consults experts about the issue. Presently, retirement age is 65 for men and 60 for women. Kochanowski is of the opinion that women should retire at the age of 65, the same as men. He is expecting that public opinion will react positively, since, in his view, there are no rational arguments justifing the present age gap. Many countries have already introduced uniform pension age, or is planning to do so.  According to the ombudsman all women would benefit from the decision as they could decide themselves whether to retire earlier or not. Women would be legally entitled to choose, not depriving those who want to work longer of such a possibility. The present earlier retirement age entails a shorter time of being covered by social security. This leads to lower pensions received by women, which are 34% lower than pensions received by men.


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