Poland to Lose Euro2012

The UEFA progress reports on Poland and Ukraine’s preparation for the 2012 Championships imply that the two countries may lose the right to host Euro2012. The latest report evaluates the preparation of Poland and Ukraine for the championships. UEFA uses a system of colours to assess the level of investment in the hosting countries. White colour stands for a completed or near-complete investment. Green indicates that work is going as planned. Red means that the investment will probably not be finished on time. UEFA marked Warsaw and Chorzów red, as work in these cities is going very slowly. In the case of Chorzów, the stadium’s roof is the main problem and its construction will cost a fortune.

Red means that it is likely that the investment will not be completed on time. From the information acquired by Gazeta, Krakow is best prepared. The newspaper Polska showed that this city obtained the highest grade with regard to tourist accommodation. Gdansk, Wrocław and Poznań are all in a worse situation. Gazeta highlights the fact that Ukraine has been marked red for nearly all of its developments and investments. Dziennik enumerates the problems of our eastern neighbours: the construction of new hotels, road improvement, and the building of stadia. According to Polska, it is possible that UEFA will move most of the events to Poland.
Wirtualna Polska



  1. frank · June 23, 2008

    Hallo Poland,

    be cool and think of the greek Olympics in 2004. They REALLY had construction and timing problems and as you remember: they made it! Everything will be ok you still have 4 years, thats an awful amount of time. And there is no security problem comared to Southafrica 2010. Were all going to have a nice fottball party in Poland/Ukaine


  2. Raf Uzar · June 23, 2008

    Very true! 🙂


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