No Gays on TV

Perfect Pair?

Perfect Pair?

It seems public television is bracing itself for another scandal. The board of Polish National Television (TVP) will discuss last week’s airing of the Róże Gali show. During the show Tomasz Raczek and Marcin Szczygielski received the award for being the most beautiful couple of the year. Sławomir Siwek, deputy chairman, is demanding an explanation as he thinks Róże Gali violated the rules of public TV broadcasting. Siwek told Nasz Dziennik that during a board meeting Wojciech Pawlak, head of TVP2, will have to explain why he decided to air the show. According to Dziennik, television authorities, including Andrzej Urbański, knew before the show started that Raczek and Szczygielski won the award. “The chairman had nothing against this and gave the green light for the show to be aired,” said one of the managers.


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