No More Smoking

Smoking Ban

Smoking Ban

This spells an end to short cigarette breaks at work. Smoking rooms will disappear from offices and factories because employers will not have to provide them any longer. All employees will have to smoke outside. To smoke freely, one will be forced to walk at least 10 metres away from the building because smoking outside workplace doors will also be banned.

Such restrictions are included in the Anti-smoking Bill. Voting on the Bill will take place in March, which  means that these regulations will probably come into force in the summer. Smokers can only wish for sunny weather. There is no question that smoking rooms will not be created if there is no obligation for it. This is in connection with the necessity to fulfil draconian demands, such as the installation of ventilators which replace air as often as 25 times an hour costing more than PLN 25,000. “We hope that smoking rooms will not be created. Such a radical ban will surely bring measurable effects in smoking restrictions,” says a member of the governmental health commission, Aleksander Sopliński, on behalf of the Polish Peasant Party (PSL) in an interview with Polska.


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