Car in Shop

Bunch of Bangers

Bunch of Bangers

“If the manager had not reacted in time and dragged me away, I would have been crushed just like these sausages,” says Wioletta Kowalska (39), a shop assistant at the meat counter in Biedronka. “The car drove into our shop with such force, it smashed through the front window and rammed into the counter. Thank Heavens nobody died,” adds Wioletta.  Funeral parlour owner Felicja Wydra (72) and her husband Rudolf (71) wanted to visit their grandson in hospital.

She planned to buy him some ham and smoked pork sausage so she stopped off at the Biedronka in Rybnik and parked her Peugeot in front of the shop. “We got out of the car and suddenly I remembered I had left the car keys in the ignition,” says Felicja. Rudolf went to get the keys, but unfortunately he has no driving license and cars are not his cup of tea. “Instead of taking the keys out, he turned them starting up the vehicle,” sobs Felicja. The car powered forward like a rocket. The owners, in a state of shock, tried to stand in the way of the car but were unable to do anything. The car smashed through the front door of Biedronka and rammed into the meat counter. “Luckily, there were no customers inside,” says Wioletta. The firefighters who came to the rescue could not believe what they saw. Losses of PLN 30,000 will be covered by the insurance company. Mrs Wydra’s small finger, which needed eight stitches, is already much better, her husband says his knee is not hurting as badly as before.


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