Sex on Nasza-klasa

Sex on the Net

Sex on the Net

One of the most popular Polish social networking services Nasza-klasa is supposed to bring together schoolmates. However, one can find many examples of those who use the popularity of Nasza-kalsa for other purposes. For instance, sexual advertisements are posted on the website. “I am 24 years old… I would love to meet a mature woman… only sex… without any commitments… I guarantee full discretion and I expect the same from the woman… if you are interested please call me…” this is one of the ads found by Gazeta Współczesna. According to the newspaper if you enter ‘sponsoring’ in the Nasza-klasa browser you will find plenty of sex ads. If the ad is with a picture it is most probably fake. Gazeta Współczesna adds that such advertisements are very popular.

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  1. Tomek C-T · October 14, 2009

    i have an account on this friendster network and found once a “girl”, let’s put it, that was offering to sell her naked pics for in exchange for paying for her phonecard account 🙂


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