Łódź to Sue The Sun?

Promised Land or Not?

Promised Land or Not?

The Mayor of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska announced at a press conference that the city authorities intend to take legal action against The Sun for their Sunday article about the city. “As a citizen of Łódź and the city leader I feel both hurt and greatly offended by the way our city has been portrayed in The Sun article, which portrays Łódź as a place of no hope, dead streets, pawn brokers and drunks.” The Mayor of Łódź has already sent a letter to the editor of The Sun inviting him to come and visit the city and see how wrong his reporters are. Zdanowska also stated that she has been in touch with her legal team to see how fast the city authorities can take legal action against the newspaper which ‘manipulated’ the words of the city’s Director of Strategy Tomasz Jakubiec. Zdanowska has also asked Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene. According to the Mayor of Łódź the author of the article “does not have a clue what he’s talking about”. During the press conference Zdanowska asked Łódź citizens to post ‘I love Łódź’ messages of on The Sun’s Facebook page. She also added that The New York Times declared Łódź to be one of the 45 most interesting cities to visit in 2012.
Wirtualna Polska | PAP

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  1. benrowef64 · January 8, 2013

    The article in the sun was most hilarious piece of fiction and misinformation i have read in a long time. It nearly pipped the BBC report of Hooligans and filmed the Lodz city derby.
    I think a retraction should be written and something should be done to The Sun. On the other hand Lodz is a great city but does have a few problems.


    • Raf Uzar · January 8, 2013

      Agreed. The frightening thing is that many people will believe the article.


      • benrowef64 · January 8, 2013

        I read the comments on the article and so many people had completely missed the point of the article (although the point the article was making was wrong as well) and actually I felt ashamed to be British.


      • Raf Uzar · January 9, 2013

        Praps you’re right about people missing the point…
        You shouldn’t be ashamed of being British only ‘The Sun’. 😉


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