Was Pope Benedict Betrayed?

Surprise Goodbye

Surprise Goodbye

There are suggestions that Pope Benedict XVI was betrayed by officials at the Roman Curia. The Italian press, in particular, has been eager to milk this story. Even though most commentators and Vatican experts are in agreement that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned due to health reasons, many also believe that members of the Roman Curia have allowed countless scandals to emerge and, some say, even aided the Pope in his decision to resign. Some journalists were also given free access to many of the Vatican’s secret documents. This included the Vatileaks scandal of 2012. This has also lead to media manipulation and journalists writing what the Roman Curia tell them to write. An example is something Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, Pope John Paul II’s personal secretary, said several years ago. He stated that “one does not resign from being Pope as one cannot get down from the cross”. It was a reference to Pope John Paul II’s will to survive and continue his mission as Pope. Asked once again to justify Pope John Paul II’s reason for not stepping down despite his failing health and the pain he was suffering, Dziwisz repeated what he had said several years before. The Italian press have taken this as veiled criticism of Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign his ministry.

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