Michelin Star for Warsaw Restaurant

Rowanberry - Yum Yum

Rowanberry – Yum Yum

Atelier Amaro is the first Polish restaurant to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star in the Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2013. “I’ve been waiting twenty years for this,” says Wojciech Modest Amaro, chef and owner of the restaurant. The decision to include the restaurant in the annual edition of the guide is made by anonymous Michelin inspectors, who visit chosen restaurants and review them. They do this anonymously in order for their evaluation to be as trustworthy as possible. Only after paying for the meal can they reveal their identity if they wish to receive additional information about the restaurant. Atelier Amaro, founded in 2011 by Wojciech Modest Amaro, offers Polish cuisine with a modern touch. Amaro uses not only the most typical traditional ingredients such as wild meat, forest mushrooms and root vegetables but also those forgotten by popular gastronomy such as barberry or rowanberry. In 2012 the restaurant was awarded a ‘Rising Star’, which meant that it had a chance of receiving an actual star in the upcoming years. That same year Wojciech Modest Amaro was the first Polish chef to take part in Cook it Raw, where he and over a dozen chefs from around the world prepared a feast from typical ingredients from the Suwałki region. This year Amaro presented Polish cuisine during the Madrid Fusion gastronomy conference. “I think the world is growing tired of classic French cuisine and is looking for new things, a completely different type of gastronomy. That is also the impression we get from foreign guests visiting our restaurant,” said Agnieszka Amaro, Wojciech’s wife and colleague. “I’m a hard-worker, and my family suffers but I hope I paid my debt today,” says Amaro, “we won because of our consistency, determination and passion. Poland has great products, great ingredients and deserves to be recognised worldwide. Our plans for now? We’re taking all the employees on a double-decker bus tour around Warsaw to celebrate.” Those wishing to visit Atelier must be patient. Even before the restaurant received its star, tables have to be booked a few weeks in advance.
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  1. Bill · March 15, 2013

    I’ve been. It’s overpriced.


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