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Sloths spend an average of 16 hours a day sleeping; the other six are reserved for quiet relaxation. Workers of Warsaw Zoo are thrilled with the arrival of these new animals especially since this is the first time sloths will live in Warsaw. There are few sloths in Poland. One couple lives in Poznań, but are childless. There is also one male sloth residing in Wrocław Zoo. On Tuesday, two Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths will come to Warsaw from Dresden. “We hope they will acclimatise well and reproduce soon enough. This is not easy when it comes to this species,” says Ryszard Topola from Warsaw Zoo. The male from Dresden is about two years old and his partner is only slightly older. They will live in the aviary, in a 40 x 50 metres room, 4.5 metres in height. What will their new home look like? “It will be dominated by branches where they can laze about. Sloths like warm temperatures so we have equipped the room with radiators as well,” says Topola. It is possible that the room decoration will change. The Zoo workers will observe the animals and decide if the position of the branches is appropriate. They want the animals to feel as comfortable as possible and hopefully reproduce. Sloths give birth to one offspring at a time, therefore every young one is cherished and eagerly awaited for. The zoo workers point out that anyone wishing to see the animals will have to look hard and be patient as sloths are masters of camouflage. The animal family at Warsaw Zoo is systematically growing. At the beginning of April a pelican was born. On March 20th the a group of pygmy marmosets was joined by two twins and now consists of twelve monkeys. On April 10th a female camel was born and now the hump-backed family includes four females and a male. The high point of the season at the Zoo will be the release of Byś, a three-month-old rhino, into the large runway. He is the first rhino ever to be born in a Polish Zoo. He will have a large runway, a mud bath and, when it gets warmer, a pool at his disposal.
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