No Smolensk Secrets

Never-ending Story

Never-ending Story

On Tuesday in Kielce, Antoni Macierewicz, the head of the parliamentary group on the Smolensk plane crash, assured MPs that information about three persons, who survived the crash, is true. He mentioned three independent sources. On Saturday, in Rybnik, he stressed that the Prosecutor’s Office did not fulfill its duties and found nothing. What is more, he added that the Prosecutor’s Office did not interrogate any paramedics or doctors. Macierewicz has therefore filed an official complaint. On Saturday Prosecutor Mateusz Martyniuk, press spokesman for the General Prosecutor’s Office, said that there is no evidence that anybody survived the Smolensk crash. He highlighted the fact that evidence which was collected on the spot as well as later examinations, did not confirm such a theory.

What is more, Colonel Zbigniew Rzepa, press spokesman of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed that material evidence, which was collected by the Military Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, indicates that nobody survived. Rzepa said that the Military Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has yet again asked Macierewicz’s group to make their documents available to them, which they have not done. On Saturday, Macierewicz said that both he as well as the experts of the parliamentary group would share all information with the Prosecutor’s Office. On Friday, Leszek Miller, head of SLD, said that if Mr Macierewicz possesses this type of information, he is required by law to disclose it because he might know something important. So if these people survived, where can they be? Perhaps they have been kidnapped, perhaps they came to a sorry end, chided Miller.
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