Selling Newborns

Could You Sell Him?

Could You Sell Him?

PLN 2,000 is enough to buy a newborn in Poland. There is no legal regulation which might prohibit this. “I will give a baby girl away. Urgent!”. Such announcements for mothers-to-be can be found on the internet. Many of them do not beat about the bush and confess that they are looking for “very determined, wealthy people” who could adopt a baby. Journalists came across Karolina from Warsaw who is 19 years old and pregnant with her third child. Together with her husband, son and daughter she lives in a one-room flat in Warsaw. Their home is 8 meters squared and has no windows. She wanted to become a seamstress, but pregnancy ruined her plans. Karolina is five months pregnant and promises to sell her baby for PLN 6,000, paid in four instalments. Earlier she had an offer from a couple who were willing to pay PLN 2,000. There were also some foreigners who showed an interest, and even offered to pay her a salary until she gives birth, but it meant having to leave her family so she refused. When journalists contacted her, she said that if the wannabe parents cannot afford to pay the full amount, she is ready to lower the price. Karolina is not unique. Our journalists have also received offers from other women: ‘M’ is 19 years old, has a difficult situation at home, and is three months pregnant. She is willing to sell her baby, but only if she can name it first. ‘A’ is 25 years old, the due date is in July. She is ready to give her newborn away because of debt. Many similar cases have become public and end up in court. For prosecutors, however, it is difficult to return a guilty verdict on the basis of human trafficking regulations, as the sale of newborns is not in the 2010 amendment to the Penal Code. Only someone who is found guilty of selling or buying another human being in order to use him or her for work, begging, prostitution or pornography can be penalised. The legislation does not include situations in which newborns are bought in order to be raised by a new family. Even if such cases are penalised, they usually concern attempts to forge documents by the biological mother who gives false statements so that the birth certificate can include the names of the wannabe parents.      

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