Polish Migration

Sad Face of Migration

Sad Face of Migration

Poles do not want to live in cities any longer and people are making their escape. The newest report on the makeup of Poland’s population in 2012 by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) has just been released. Poland’s current population is 38.5 million and about 15.2 million live in the countryside, while around 23.3 million live in cities. Last year, 244,000 people moved to the countryside, which is 35,300 more than people who moved in the opposite direction. This data does not only apply to Warsaw as, according to official data, 6,368 people moved to the capital last year. Cities, however, have nothing to worry about with regards to depopulation as the majority of citizens who decided to abandon crowded urban areas are actually moving to suburbia and other areas around cities. Polish people are migrating mainly due to economic reasons. The high level of unemployment (13.4% at the end of 2012) is even higher in the eastern regions of Poland (for example, 21.2% in Warmia and Mazury). People are therefore looking for job opportunities in other parts of the country. However, many Poles continue to move abroad with Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands being the most popular destinations. The vast majority of Poles leave in search of a better salary, although some claim that that it is for family reasons, while others wish to study abroad. In 2012, the population of Poland fell by approximately 5,000 people when compared with the previous year. This means that 1 in every 100,000 citizens has left the country. However, it is thanks to migration abroad that Poland has not been so badly hit by the global economic crisis. In the years 2004-2010, Polish emigrants sent more than EUR 30 billion back to Poland. Interestingly, over exactly the same period, Poland received EUR 16.5 billion in EU subsidies.

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  1. Anna · September 5, 2013

    What is the purpose of this post? If you wish to do Poles a favour take this racist photograph off the internet.


    • Raf Uzar · September 6, 2013

      Are you really asking about the post itself or the photo?


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