Baltic-polluting Poles

No Denying It

No Denying It

“The Baltic Sea receives more phosphorus from gypsum slag heaps in Gdańsk than from all the cities in Finland,” writes Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. It quotes scientists, who accuse Poland of polluting the Baltic Sea. According to the newspaper, 220 tons of phosphorus per year pollute the Baltic Sea in the vicinity of the Gdańsk Phosphate Fertilizer Plant (Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych), and this excessive amount could cause an ecological disaster. Finnish experts have taken water samples near the plant area. In the opinion of Dr Marko Reinikainen, such a high level of phosphorus contamination is dangerous not only to Polish waters, but also to the entire sea. As Helsingin Sanomat reports, the Polish government has informed the international Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) that the plant in Gdańsk does not pose any ecological threat. However, the Finnish scientist claims that the plant should be inspected by European Union authorities and equipped with video surveillance systems. Meanwhile, another expert, Seppo Knuuttila from the Finnish Environment Institute maintains that reports submitted to HELCOM do not always correspond with the facts. “That is why we need to control the activities of the phosphate fertilizer industry in all the countries of the Baltic region,” says Knuuttila.

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