British Cars in Poland

Best of British?

Best of British?

Polish drivers will be able to register British cars that have the steering wheel on the right-hand side (RHD cars). At present, it is not against the law to drive RHD vehicles in Poland but in order to obtain a Polish logbook the owner of a British RHD car is obliged to move the steering wheel to the left side of the vehicle.  This will soon change. A new draft bill by the Polish Department of Transport allows the use of British RHD vehicles after only slight modifications: the headlights need to be converted and the rear-view mirror has to be changed. The alteration of the steering wheel is the most expensive modification. Depending on the model of car it costs between PLN 4,000 and 10,000. Automotive industry experts believe that British RHD cars could flood the Polish market especially as there are almost one million Poles living in Britain at present. The influx of the RHD cars of expat Polish emigrants onto the Polish market could hit the sale of new cars, which is already doing poorly. Driving a RHD vehicle in Poland can be dangerous, therefore special voluntary driving courses that last for several days are organised for people who would like to drive such a car in Poland.

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