Poles on the Move

Jumping Ship?

Jumping Ship?

According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS) last year over 400,000 Poles moved to another province in Poland or abroad. 14,000 people came to Poland from other countries. In 2012, 21,200 Poles settled abroad. This is three times less than the number of people who chose to nove to the Masovian province. Adrian who left Szczytno for Warsaw says that the capital city offers him better job prospects, anonymity and a greater variety of shops; Kuba from Częstochowa claims that finding his dream job was possible only in Warsaw and complains about the low level of education in his home town; while Marcin from Poznań appreciates various different ways of spending free time in the capital city. However, all of them claim that what is equally important is that they can be constantly in touch with their families and friends and they chose Warsaw because it is easier to commute to their home towns compared with foreign cities. On the other hand, taking into consideration the overall migration balance, the number of Poles who left Poland is still greater than the number of those who arrived. Last year, the majority of Polish provinces suffered a drop in the number of their inhabitants. The largest number of people left the Silesian and Lublin provinces. The only provinces which gained inhabitants were the Masovian province, Lesser Poland, Greater Poland and the Lower Silesian province. Also, such cities as Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław have grown in terms of population. A major decline in population due to migration was noted in Łódź; last year 1,643 more people left the city than came to live there.

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