No Blood in Hospitals

More Needed

More Needed

Every year, during the summer holidays patients in Poland’s hospitals have good reason to be worried. Many planned medical procedures and operations are often sidelined because of a lack of blood, according to Dziennik Polski. “In July and August the amount of blood always falls; during these two months there are about 1,500 fewer blood donors than in May or June,” says Jolanta Zatorska, head of the Regional Center of Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Kraków (RCKiKwK). “Keeping in mind the safety of patients who are in dire need of blood, we are appealling to all people of goodwill to share this irreplaceable gift with others,” Zatorska adds. At the moment, in Lesser Poland for instance, there is a lack of all negative blood types; in Gdańsk it is A negative and B negative types and there are only enough supplies of 0 blood types for 2-4 days; while in Poznań the supplies of 5 out of 8 blood types are critically low. Poles do not know enough about donating blood, claims Dziennik Polski and quotes the results of the poll that was conducted during the Your Blood, My Life (Twoja Krew, Moje Życie) campaign. According to the poll, only 6 out of 10 respondents know that blood cannot be produced outside the human body and 59% have never donated blood. Although there are more than 500,000 blood donors in Poland, the number of people who are ready and willing to donate blood falls with each passing year.

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