Polish Exorcist Fights Satanism


Scary Biscuits

The brochure entitled “Spiritual Threats. The Basis of the Christian Spiritual Battle” (pol. Zagrożenia duchowe. Podstawy chrześcijańskiej walki duchowej) has become an internet hit. Its author, Father Przemysław Sawa, is an exorcist and the head of the Diocesan School of New Evangelization (pol. Diecezjalna Szkoła Nowej Ewangelizacji) in Bielsko-Biała, according to Dziennik Zachodni. Although Father Sawa stresses that the brochure has been corrected, the original version is still circulating on the internet and is being criticised not only by people connected with pop culture but also the Catholic Church. The brochure contains 60 questions adressed to those who want to receive spiritual healing through prayer. As Dziennik Zachodni writes, Father Sawa lists numerous bands (e.g. The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Metallica) and films (e.g. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, 2001: A Space Odyssey) which promote satanism. According to Sawa, computer games and comic books are also spiritually harmful. Father Sawa says that the corrected version of his brochure no longer contains the list of allegedly satanist bands but he still claims these groups have a damaging effect on the spiritual well-being of all human beings.

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  1. Jim · August 11, 2013

    Good old Polska, still catching up with Western popular-culture trends. Undoubtedly the good father’s victims will be trembling in their ra-ra skirts and big-sprayed hair, while listening to the Satanic effusions of MIchael (zombie-worshipping Jehovah’s Witness) Jackson on their demonic Walkpersons! 😉


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