Amazing Discovery in Racibórz


Racibórz Venus

A unique clay figurine dating from the Neolithic period has been found during archeological work in Racibórz. “The discovery is a real sensation because until now only a few small fragments of human figurines from this period have been discovered before,” says Dr Jacek Pierzak of the Silesian Department of Relic Conservation (pol. biuro Śląskiego Wojewódzkiego Konserwatora Zabytków). The figurine has been named the “Venus from Racibórz” as it is similar to other discoveries of this kind. It has clearly visible legs, wide hips, breasts, while at the top there are three lumps with the middle one portraying the head and the other two its raised hands. The man who discovered “Venus of Racibórz” is Marek Anioła, an archeolgist working at the excavation site. “Female figurines identified with fertility worship and the mother goddess are also considered to be proof of how important women were in the Neolithic period,” says Dr Przemysław Bobrowski, coordinator of the excavation site in Racibórz.

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