Disaster Promoting Katowice

UFOs and Other Hoaxes

UFOs and Other Hoaxes

‘One Night in Katowice’ is yet another video which is supposed to promote the Polish city. “It seems nice but it’s boring,” say Polish internet users who have seen it. The short promotional video came out on YouTube a few days ago, but has already gained many negative comments. “Is Mariacka street the only place worth seeing in Katowice? There are so many other beautiful and fascinating places in this city but the video just focuses only on Mariacka street,” says one internet user. Another one adds, “Mariacka Street, the roundabout and Chorzowska street were shot in such a way that people cannot see how bad they really are. This video is aimed at hipster kids who, after seeing this colourful and flashy video, will rush out to see those places.” Łukasz Tudzierz who runs a blog called Tuudi.net also does not think very highly about the spot. “I don’t like the fact that in most promotional videos Katowice is shown only from one perspective. If the city wants to promote only the most popular places, the slogan should be ‘Party in Katowice’. This city is not only Mariacka street but also huge green areas. How about all the greenery? 10-15 years ago Katowice was perceived as a typical industrial city – but not any more,” says Tudzierz.

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