Warsaw’s Praga in New York Times

Koneser Vodka Factory

Koneser Vodka Factory

“Cafés tucked away between shabby buildings,” is how the New York Times presents the Praga district of Warsaw in its travel guide. “During 40 years of communism, Praga was a district with a terrible reputation, decrepit tenement houses and factories and a street market where you could buy Coke and illegal firearms, ” writes Paola Singer in the online edition of the New York Times. According to Singer, the image of Praga started changing ten years ago. Low rents and a feeling of authenticity started to attract Warsaw’s bohemia. The author describes several cafés and restaurants in Praga as an example of a modern city. She also mentions the former Warsaw Koneser vodka factory which will become the “new heart of Praga” once its rebuilding is finished in 2016. In the photos shown in the NYT we are shown the Koneser factory, the new Stalowa 52 hostel, Chmury café on 11 Listopada street, Porto Praga restaurant and Filip Stanowski’s art gallery on Ząbkowska street.

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