Blurred Lines: the Polish Connection

Miley Grinds, Robin Likes

Miley Grinds, Robin Likes

The world’s latest and greatest summer single Blurred Lines hit record exposure when Miley Cyrus decided to get racy in her rendition of it together with its creator Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Awards. Miley Cyrus who once wowed the youth of the world as Hannah Montana has undergone a remarkable transformation which reached its pinnacle when she stripped into a near nude bikini combo twerked, pumped and grinded the visibly amused Robin Thicke during their ever-so-brief duet. The media fallout from their performance at the MTV Awards (shock, horror, fervour and excitement) has shot the two into the celebrity stratosphere.

Ratajkowski's Polish Roots

Ratajkowski’s Polish Roots

Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray, shot to fame as a Disney teen. Robin Thicke flirted with stardom but Blurred Lines catapulted him onto the A-list, largely however thanks to his racy video, the X-rated version of which was briefly banned by YouTube but has made its way back onto the site. The ‘original’ version shows three young, nubile women bouncing topless all over the video, but the girl who really catches the eye is brunette Emily Ratajkowski. She was born in the UK and was discovered by Ford Models at the tender age of 14. As her surname suggests, she has Polish roots. Her father is a painter of Polish descent. Her British mother is a professor who describes herself as a feminist.

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