Lech Kaczyński Returns

Lech Kaczyński Returns

Controversy in Warsaw

“Your relationship lacks passion? Have an affair!” is the slogan to be found on billboards across Warsaw bearing a picture of Kaczyński. However, the biggest question surrounding the controversial billboards is which Kaczyński is it. Victoria Milan, a Scandinavian dating website, specialises in pairing up people who are already in relationships. In other words, it gives them a chance to have an affair. Now it wants to conquer the Polish market. The advertising campaign features billboards with a picture of one of the Kaczyński brothers in the company of a cat named Fiona. The presence of the cat might suggest that the picture shows Jarosław Kaczyński, whose love of cats is widely known, but if we look closely we can clearly see that the billboard actually shows his twin brother, Lech Kaczyński, who died in a plane crash near Smoleńsk. “I’m lost for words. This campaign was organised by people who use shameful methods in order to earn money,” says Jan Dziedziczak, a member of Law and Justice (PiS). “Coaxing people into cheating on their partners by using the image of the late President, a man with principles, is awful”. The controversy surrounding the campaign does not seem to bother its creators. “I’m in the middle of preparing a press release regarding the situation in Warsaw,” vaguely comments Sigur Vedal, the founder and head of Victoria Milan.

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