Leave Those Kids Alone

Another Brick? (c) incalius

Another Brick? (c) incalius

The Ministry of National Education predicts that over 6,800 of the 560,000 teachers in Poland will lose their jobs this year. The Ministry says that data about the real number of dismissed teachers will be known in late autumn. PAP, the Polish press agency, has said that about 6,872 teachers will be dismissed because of the closing or reorganisation of schools. Last year around 7,000 teachers were dismissed. Przemysław Krzyżanowski, Deputy Minister of Education, said that not all notices received by teachers amount to unemployment. Some teachers will retire, some will find work in private schools and some will return to their schools at a later date if it turns out that a greater number of children have been enrolled and more teachers are necessary. Furthermore, the number of part time teachers is increasing. In 2006 this number stood at 112,000. One year later it was 116,000; in 2008 it was 122,000; in 2009 it amounted to 121,000; in 2010 it was 123,000 and in 2012 the figure stood at 130,000. At the same time the number of pupils in the education system has decreased by more than a million since 2006. Furthermore, the scale of teachers employed part-time is not proportional to the number of pupils. Currently 567,218 teachers work in schools, kindergartens and institutions, which are run by local governments and those teachers losing their jobs amount to 1.2% of this total. Of the 6,800 teachers being dismissed this year, 996 teach in junior high schools, 516 teach in upper secondary schools, 105 in kindergartens, 1,640 in primary schools and 3,247 teach in other educational institutions. Most of the teachers losing their jobs (5,121) work in cities.
Wirtualna Polska

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