Alcohol Excise on the Increase

Going Up

Going Up

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has announced that the price of alcohol will rise. The excise duty on it will increase by 15%. Donald Tusk spoke of it as “making the prices of vodka more realistic, in line with inflation as compared with the last increase.” Excise has not gone up since 2009. It is calculated per hundred litres of 100% alcohol, which amounts to PLN 4,960, and will go up by 15% next year. This means that the cheapest vodkas will become more expensive by about PLN 2. The more expensive the high-proof alcohol, the greater the price rise. Donald Tusk made no effort to conceal the fact that this manoeuvre is all about the budget. He explained that this “additional income is not very socially harmful, but it could be annoying. I realise that for many consumers it is a serious issue. However, high-proof alcohol have become cheap over the years because of no changes in excise tax. Now it’s time to keep prices in line with inflation.”

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