Roots of Polish Hospitality

Sarmatian Beginnings

Sarmatian Beginnings

Polish hospitality and feasts are legendary and it all goes back to the Sarmatians. Being polite to guests was a matter of honour. For Poles any excuse to feast was a good excuse. The Polish gentry would feast for days and the then long distances and difficult travelling conditions meant Polish people were compelled to take in guests. This was yet another excuse for eating, drinking and celebration. Back in the days when Poland was a ‘land of plenty‘ the table was always well-laden. Even peasants would happily welcome guests despite being poor. For example, guests would always have several kinds of wine to choose from. If not, the host would be considered unworthy of his guest. The tradition still holds and the saying “what is ours is yours” lives on in Poland. Nowadays, the pursuit of money comes at the expense of family and friends, relationships have suffered with the advent of home cinema and the digital age. Even though there seems to be much less time for relaxation and recreation, Polish people still find time for family events like birthdays and anniversaries because… the more you feast than better. Hospitality is inherently Polish. But be warned: Polish people might not readily ask you out for a coffee, but instead they will invite you to their home for the same pleasure.

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  1. wretchedshekels · October 22, 2013

    fascinating history of a culture! thanks for sharing it 🙂


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