Godziek Dirt Champion

Dawid Godziek

Dawid Godziek

Dawid “Szamanek” Godziek dominated the MTBMX championships in Milanówek where the dirt battle for the prestigious trophies in the MTB and BMX categories took place. The Milanówek event also held competitions for Best Trick and Jam. The local team, “Hardonbmx”, was responsible for the organisation of the event. The winner of the Skatejam event was Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc. Patryk Teula came second followed by Marcin “Oskier” Oskiera. Not only did Dawid Godziek demolish the competition in the main event this year but it was his fifth win in a row. Among the drivers competing on MTB bikes, Bartosz “The Pope” Obukowicz was best. Second and third places went to Marcin Rot and Daniel Zawistowski, respectively. Maciej Dabek won Best Trick.

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