Poles Better than Italians

Bad but not that bad

Bad but not that bad

According to the latest research by the OECD, Polish adults are not coping well with the basic skills of writing, reading, arithmetic and how to use computers. Only France, Ireland, USA, Italy, and Spain were ranked lower than Poland. Among the 24 countries in the survey (the 22 OECD countries plus Cyprus and Russia) Poland comes in 20th whereas Italy was 24th. Approximately 20% of Polish adults (aged between 16 and 65) know the very basics with regard to language use, that is reading and understanding a text and writing. When it comes to computers, approximately 40% of Poles do not have any computer skills. The situation is no better with regards to maths. 22% of Poles have maths skills at the very basic of levels. Only Ireland (20th place), France (21st), USA (22nd), Italy (23rd) and Spain (24th place) are ranked lower. According to the Polish, American, British, Irish, German and Italian authors of the report, there seems to be a noticeable regularity in that the less educated parents someone has, the lower their language and mathematical skills.

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