Poles Poorest in EU

Poor EU

Poor EU

Hans Frank, Governor-General of occupied Poland, said, “Poles should be so poor that they will want to go to work in Germany voluntarily, without being rounded up”. Today this sentence takes on new meaning. After 20 years of Polish capitalism and 10 years in the EU, Polish workers are some of the worst-paid in Europe. According to the OECD and Eurostat, during the last 12 years employee productivity in Poland has increased by 44 percent, while the costs of production have increased by only 14 percent. The average salary in the Eurozone is €1,500-2,000, while in Poland it is around €880, with 70 percent of Polish employees earning far less than the average wage. Even today, the minimum wage in Greece is comparable with the average salary in Poland. Young Poles with university degrees have the lowest salary expectations in the EU, that is €500. The expectation level of Spanish graduates starts from around €1,000. According to Eurostat, labour costs per hour in Poland are €7.4. Even in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia this is €8-10. Further west, the average net salary in Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany is about PLN 9,000-12,000. Unfortunately, even the countries affected by the economic crisis leave Poland far behind, like Cyprus (PLN 8,000), Spain (PLN 6,000), Greece and the Czech Republic (PLN 4,000). It is important to note that Poland is in practice the only country in the EU where almost 82 percent of the unemployed do not have any unemployment allowance, while in Spain everybody is eligible for a minimum €400 unemployment benefit a month.
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