Vatican to Help with Polish Paedophilia?

Shame & Pain

Shame & Pain

Warsaw public prosecutors wish to ask for legal aid from the Vatican. It concerns the case of Archbishop J. Wesołowski and if there is any opportunity for his extradition to Poland, according to TVN 24. Warsaw public prosecutors want to check if the Vatican State has begun proceedings on Archbishop Wesołowski. “An application was sent on 22th October to the Prosecutor General’s Office,” said Prosecutor Przemysław Nowak of the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office in an interview with TVN 24. Prosecutors want to ascertain the following: whether Archbishop Wesołowski has Vatican citizenship; if the relevant authority is conducting proceedings into events that occurred in the Dominican Republic; if Vatican law permits the extradition of its citizens; if sexual acts with minors under 15 years old, and juvenile pornography are covered by the diplomatic immunity granted to Archbishop Wesołowski in the Dominican Republic and if so, when his diplomatic mission ends, is the nuncio still entitled to diplomatic immunity?

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