Polish Schools Destroy Children

Zimbardo on Poland

Zimbardo on Poland

Out of 5 million children who began the new school year, every fifth has or has had serious emotional problems related to their school life, according to American professor Philip Zimbardo, one of the most well-respected psychologists in the world. These dramatic numbers are confirmed by Professor Tomasz Wolańczyk, a Polish consultant in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. He claims approximately one million children have suffered from an episode of depression (including fear, depressed mood, difficult contact with peers). This situation is exceptional compared with other countries and requires a complete review and reform of the educational system at every level from elementary to higher education. Symptoms of depression among children and young people are caused by being rejected by the family, colleagues but most importantly being rejected at school. A child’s worst enemies are often teachers who cause pupils to feel inferior and withdrawn. A pupil may feel humiliated when a teacher laughs at him or her and points out his or her weaknesses, according to Zimbardo, a Stanford professor. He points out that in many American schools the method of working with pupils is completely different. A teacher looks for a pupil’s strong points and then tries to develop them.

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