Polish Pensioners

Warning: Poor Pensioners

Warning: Poor Pensioners

Polish pensioners have to live on PLN 10 a day. Poverty and no perspectives for the future is the life of a typical Polish pensioner according to official statistics. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) has taken a look at what the life of senior citizens is really like. Those in the worst predicament spend as little as PLN 10 on food every day. Growing old gracefully is not possible in Poland. The life of a typical pensioner is a fight for survival and the need to make vital choices to make ends meet. GUS informs us that the average income of a senior citizen on a pension is PLN 1,150. The cost of rent and medicine can be about PLN 800. “I only have PLN 280 a month to spend on food, cosmetics and clothes. I love music and I would love to go to the theatre or concert hall, but I can’t afford it; likewise, I can’t even afford to buy presents for my grandson,” says a ‘typical’ Polish female pensioner. On average, Polish pensioners spend the following amounts on the following items:
Food – PLN 321;
Rent, taxes – PLN 280;
Health – PLN 95;
Transport – PLN 74;
Maintenance of household – PLN 50;
Communication – PLN 45;
Clothes and shoes – PLN 34.

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