Amazon Comes to Poland

Coming to Poland?

Coming to Poland?

The online giant Amazon plans to build three logistics centres in Poland which will be in operation by next year. Puls Biznesu informs us that 6,000 people are set to be employed. Two logistics centres will be in Wrocław, one in Poznań and probably two more in the Czech Republic. Each of them will be worth €50-60 million and will occupy approximately 100,000 square metres. Amazon will employ 6,000 employees in the three Polish centres and may well employ 9,000 if demand is greater, according to the newspaper. The reason for Amazon’s expansion into Poland are the strikes in Germany which have seen employees demanding pay rises prompting the heads of Amazon Panattoni and Godman to move distribution to a cheaper location, i.e. Poland and the Czech Republic. Polish citizens have been able to use the services of Amazon for some time. Taking into consideration that the costs of delivery are free for larger purchases, the number of Polish users is only around 1 million and too small for Amazon to have a Polish version of the site. Rzeczpospolita informs us that the company Amazon Corporate Services Poland has been registered with the National Court Register (KRC). Does this mean Amazon will decide to expand into Poland?

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