Poles Die in Thailand

Pattaya Dream Turns to Nightmare

Pattaya Dream Turns to Nightmare

A 42-year-old ferry captain confessed to being on drugs during a cruise with 200 people on board. The catastrophe took place on Sunday near the coast of Thailand. The boat was sailing back to Pattaya after a trip to Koh Lan island. The ferry capsized and consequently sunk 500 metres from the shore. According to a local newspaper, the captain escaped, but later turned himself in at a police station. He confessed that the ferry veered off course and hit some rocks. He failed to warn the passengers of the accident in order to prevent panic on board. The captain also confessed to being high on drugs and has since been arrested. During the accident, panic broke out on board when it turned out that the crew were unable to stem the flood on the lower decks. What is more, there were not enough life jackets and lifeboats for everybody. Reports say that people were jumping into the sea to save their lives. Those who had problems swimming while waiting for rescue teams held onto ice containers and other floating objects while others drowned because of the panic that set in. Eight tourists died in the accident, including two Poles from Stalowa Wola. This has already been confirmed by Polish consul Wioletta Stefaniak-Kałużna. According to unofficial sources, we know that two of the victims were elderly doctors.

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