The Witcher Returns

Witcher Returns

Geralt is Back

After fourteen years, one of the most popular Polish fantasy writers, Andrzej Sapkowski, has decided to write about the famous Witcher again. The newest Sapkowski novel, Season of Storms, is now available and the publishing house SuperNova summarises: “Readers will be familiar with the central character Geralt as well as his friends Jaskier and Yennefer, but the author has also introduced new characters from Geralt’s past including people and magical creatures. The story begins typically for Sapkowski. Firstly, everything explodes into action and then the tension grows. The Witcher fights a killing machine, has an argument with a band of guards, is taken to court for his deeds, loses his famous swords and then has an affair with a flame-headed beauty called Koral”. Andrzej Sapkowski is a self-made man, a writer that does not ‘owe’ his popularity to literary critics. In The Witcher readers found their epic hero. For critics, Sapkowski remains an incomprehensible phenomenon, a fur salesman who, to everyone’s surprise, has conquered all, not only in Poland but across the world also. He started writing at the age of 40, ‘to relax from reality’ as he himself puts it. Geralt hit the shelves in December 1996, after Sapkowski decided to send his story to a Fantastyka competition. Fantastyka readers knew they were onto something special and demanded more. One of them even sent PLN 1,000 to the author as a prize. The Witcher won the Fantastyka competition and heralded the beginning of a series about the adventures of Geralt, a character which the modern reader can relate to: an emotionally complicated, muti-faceted mystery; a white-haired creature that uses elixirs and magic to gain supernatural power; the scourge of monsters, vampires and werewolves; full of bitterness and at contant odds with his vocation as a Witcher.

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