Kidnapped Journalist Escapes Syria

Sikorski Hails Freedom for Pole

Sikorski Hails Freedom for Pole

Marcin Suder, the photographer who was kidnapped three months ago in Syria, is back in Poland. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski tweeted the information to the happiness of his family and friends. Marcin Wojciechowski, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) admitted that Marcin Suder escaped from his kidnappers on his own. Wojciechowski added that the photographer was incredibly lucky. The Polish consular staff only helped in arranging for his return to Poland. “We were happy things ended well, although Marcin himself is the happiest”, Wojciechowski wrote in his statement. The circumstances of Suder’s return are still not clear. The MSZ stated that the photographer escaped to Turkey after his release from the kidnappers. The Ministry of National Defence (MON) informed us that he returned to Poland via military transport. A C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft flew to Ankara on Monday, a few minutes before midnight. Twelve hours later it arrived in Warsaw with Suder on board. The Pole is now at home with his family. The MSZ ensures us that the photographer feels better and he is in good health. The Ministry strongly discourages not only other photographers and journalists but also anyone else from travelling to Syria. Marcin Suder was kidnapped on 23 June in the northern part of Syria. Unknown perpetrators kidnapped the Pole from a Syrian Opposition office in the Idlib province. For many days it was not clear what had happened to him. Radosław Sikorski twice stated that Marcin Suder is alive but he did not want to disclose any details. It is speculated that the Pole got caught in the crossfire of the internal politics between opposition groups as for many weeks in the northern part of Syria there have been many militant clashes between the Free Syrian Army and groups associated with Al-Qaeda. The MSZ had special staff working on Sudar’s release throughout his kidnapping.

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