Polish Cheese Protected by EU

Polish Smoked Highland Cheese

Polish Smoked Highland Cheese

Oscypek‘ is a smoked cheese made from ewe’s milk that can only be produced in several southern provinces of Poland. This year, the European Union registered oscypek on its list of regional products, and after a long wait, oscypek is now under the protection of the EU. Its presence on the list is a guarantee of quality, which may help extol the virtues of oscypek outside Poland. This certificate means that producers from outside of the region cannot use the name oscypek, because only milk from Polish mountain sheep may be used in the production of oscypek, wherein the addition of cow’s milk cannot exceed 40 percent. Oscypek is the second regional Polish cheese registered on the EU list, the first being ‘Podhalańska Bryndza’ (also a cheese from the south of Poland). The registration of oscypek was long obstructed by Slovakia, which was afraid that the Polish cheese would be sold under the similar name of ‘ostiepiok’, which is a similar type of cheese in Slovakia. The Polish cheese will only be sold under the Polish name. Both countries also agreed that they would not give the names of their product in other languages. Although, the EU has registered over eight hundred different products on the list of regional products, there are still some Polish products waiting: ‘kiełbasa lisiecka‘ (sausage), ‘kaliskie andruty’ (wafers), ‘wielkopolskie rogale świętomarcińskie’ (croissant/crescent roll) and ‘podkarpacki miód spadziowy’ (honey).

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