Murals of Łódź

Murals of Łódź

Adding Colour to Łódź

The city centre of Łódź is turning into a huge gallery of street art. Eight new large-format pictures have appeared on the walls of Łódź this year. In total there are already thirty scattered around the town. The third Urban Forms festival has just opened and perhaps no other city in Poland can pride itself on such an amazing outdoor gallery of murals by artists from all over the world. There are paintings by the Spanish Aryz, Kenor and 3ttman, the Chilean Inti, the Brazilian twin brothers Os Gemeos, the Belgian ROA, the French Remed and the Polish M-City, Tone, Proembrion, Etam Cru, Sepe and Chazme.

What do the residents of Łódź think about the street art? Some people are impressed with the murals, while others are angry and claim that such colourful murals do not suit such a neglected city, going together like ice cream and gherkins. Thanks to these large-format works of art Łódź has hit the news again for all the right reasons all over the world. ABC News has done a short documentary about the Łódź street art which has been recognised as one of the most interesting cultural events in Europe by the Americans. In 2012 the Urban Forms festival was included in the top five most important street art festivals in the world by prestigious French magazine Graffiti Art.

Colouring Łódź

Colouring Łódź

“I have been travelling around Łódź with journalists from the Italian magazine Dove, who are preparing a short piece about Poland, Warsaw and Łódź,” said Michał Bieżyński, curator of Urban Forms. The street art of Łódź was also praised by the XA Luan service in Vietnam. Polityka, one of the most popular weekly magazines in Poland has nominated Urban Forms for its Architectural Award, and the Huffington Post has presented the murals on their main website.

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