Polish Terrorist Foiled

Caught in the Nick of Time

Caught in the Nick of Time

Brunon Kwiecień had been planning to attack the Polish Parliament building since 2009. He intended to use twelve people, who he was recruiting during his ‘ongoing training’. He was going to obtain the money to fund the whole operation by resorting to robbery, according to official reports from the Public Prosecutor. It also appears that Kwiecień’s contractor was a collector of military objects from Gdańsk. The main piece of evidence against Brunon Kwiecień was his encrypted and unencrypted internet correspondence. The prosecution claimed that Kwiecień had a huge arsenal of weapons, but did not admit it. Kwiecień was charged for preparing a terrorist attack on the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Poland, and attempting to persuade two students to carry out an assault, as well as the illegal possession of weapons and trading of weapons. Thanks to the secured evidence, Kwiecień will aslo be charged for the possession of 35 firearms.

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