Fashion Show in Church

Aisle or Catwalk?

Aisle or Catwalk?

Maciej Zień’s latest fashion show took place in a church, in St. Augustine’s on Nowolipki Street in Warsaw with the main aisle becoming a catwalk. According to Father Jacek Dziel, a priest who talked to Gazeta Wyborcza: “It was a grave misuse of a holy place which should be used for prayer.” Maciej Zień explained that organising a fashion show in a church was his boyhood dream. Father Dziel added, “I don’t understand the motivation of the parish priest. A church is a sacred and consecrated place which should be used only for liturgy and prayer. Even concerts which take place in churches should only have a religious character. I wouldn’t call the fashion show a desecration but it is definitely a misuse. As a priest I cannot accept my church making money this way”.

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