Warsaw – Top Congested Capital

Traffic Problem

Traffic Problem

Warsaw is the third most congested capital city in Europe, after Istanbul and Moscow. However, there are even more traffic jams in the city of Łódź. The average travel time in Warsaw increases by 44 percent compared to times when there is no traffic, according to the TomTom Traffic Index, prepared by the satnav manufacturer. It included around sixty major European capitals and metropolises (with populations over 800,000) in its report. According to the research, during rush hour in the Polish capital, the congestion-no traffic ratio is 89 percent in the morning, and 95 percent in the evening. However, TomTom also looked at other major cities in Poland and found that in Łódź people spend even more time in their cars. The congestion rate there was 53 percent and in the morning rush hour it rose to 76.8 percent and 103 percent in the evening (meaning the trip home took twice as long as it would if there was no traffic). To compare, Europe’s most congested city, Moscow, had indexes of 114 percent in the morning and 133 percent in the evening.

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