Man Finds, Returns $20,000

Suitcase Returned

Suitcase Returned

Two engine drivers working for Koleje Mazowieckie [Mazovian Railways] were chosen as railwaymen of the year. One of them tried to save a train from being destroyed by hooligans and the other found a suitcase containing $20,000 and €1,000 and returned the money. The first railwayman of the year is Stanisław Siwek. He was driving his train when it was attacked by hooligans. They stopped it on Urle station after which they started to vandalise and destroy it. Mr Siwek kept his cool and tried to stop them, however, he was badly beaten up ended up in hospital, but has been awarded for his bravery. The second railwayman of the year was Mr Wiesław Młodzianowski who came across a suitcase after finishing his shift. Inside was $20,000, €1,000 and some important documents. Although the train had already arrived at the sidings 300 metres away, he managed to find the owner of the case. Gazeta Wyborcza (GW): What did you think when you saw all that cash? Wiesław Młodzianowski (WM): I must admit that I was shocked and a little frightened. It wasn’t just the money but all the important documents inside, a passport and a plane ticket. It later turned out that the suitcase belonged to a Polish guy living in the US who was going home the next day. GW: How did you manage to find the owner? WM: He’s a lucky man. The suitcase had slid down between the seat and the wall. I’m sure someone would have found it and stolen it. I found it when I was checking the train and took it with me to the station. I then saw somebody running towards the train shouting ‘Help!’ I guessed that it was the owner of the suitcase. When I gave it back to him, he started to cry and kiss my hands. GW: When you opened the suitcase, did you not think about taking the money? MW: Nope. I wouldn’t have been able to live my conscience. I did the right thing.

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