Warsaw Burns

This is Patriotism?

This is Patriotism?

The ‘Rainbow’ (a symbol of freedom and tolerance) was in the line of fire of the Independence March in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day. The recently renovated installation was burnt down by demonstrators. According to the original plan, the March should have gone along Waryński street but took a detour. As witnesses say, the arsonists did not let fire fighters get to the burning structure. The Polish Press Agency (PAP) noted that the arsonists threw stones at the fire fighters and the structure was left to burn down. Bartosz Milczarczyk, a City Hall spokesman, told tvnwarszawa.pl: “It was an act of mindless hooliganism. We will yet see if we manage to rebuild the ‘Rainbow’ using the city’s money or if we charge the people who organised the Independence March for the damage they did. Ryszard Kalisz, a popular politician said, “In my opinion, a part of the ‘Rainbow’ should be left as it is to bring shame on the organisers of the Independence March”. The ‘Rainbow’, which was designed by Julita Wójcik, has already been set on fire several times in the past. After the last arson attack, Warsaw City Hall eventually decided to renovate the structure and work was only completed three days ago.

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