Scandalous Private Universities

Bad Education

Bad Education

Some Polish universities are not even managing to meet the minimum standards. Although the Ministry of Education receives poor grades from the University accreditation commission, poor universities continue to function. In some private universities, students are allowed to complete three years of study in one semester, top grades can be bought and thesis defences are done over the phone. The Ministry monitors and reports, but nothing changes. The Management School in Legnica is known for its bad reputation. Many students wait for months to defend their thesis, the school requires students to pay additional non-existing fees or settle arrears which they do not have. Students often have grades from lecturers who have never come to lectures. In February 2011, the Ministry published a report after inspecting Legnica. The findings were embarrassing. The founder of the school, Wacław Demecki, argues that the unfavourable opinions in the report are the doing of the competition. Procedures have begun on the liquidation of the school but it continues to enrol new students. However, this is not the only school like it. 26 cases are currently being looked into. Two of them relate to public universities, the rest to private universities.
Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

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