Szymborska Prize Announced

Szymborska Legacy

Szymborska Legacy

Krystyna Dąbrowska and Łukasz Jarosz are joint winners of the prize. Dąbrowska was honoured for her volume “White Chairs” and Łukasz Jarosz for his book of poetry “Full Blood”. The winners will share the PLN 200,000 between them. “It won’t be necessary to divide the statuette in two, which designed by was designed by Nobel winner Szymborska herself”, said the head of the Wisława Szymborska Foundation Michał Rusinek. “We made a second statuette,” added Rusinek. The jury of eight members, could not decide who should win the prize and decided to have two first prizes. “Two completely different books and two completely different poetry styles get the prize, but I think that Wisława would be happy,” said Rusinek. The Wisława Szymborska Prize is a national prize which is awarded every year for the best book of poetry published in Polish or translated into Polish. The Wisława Szymborska Prize is the most important literary prize in Poland. The jury which awards the prize includes the translator of Polish and French literature Anders Bodegard, Spanish poet Murcia Soriano, essayist and poet Adam Pomorski and literary critic/scholar Marian Stala. Wisława Szymborska died on 1 February 2011 aged 89. She instituted the Foundation as part of her will.

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