Climate Protest

Changes Ahead?

Changes Ahead?

The international “March for Climate and Social Justice” took place on November 16, 2013. Several hundred ecologists from around the world took part. The chairman of the meeting, Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart, emphasised that the march would be peaceful. Demonstrators brandished slogans such as “Our climate, not your business”, “Heat up your heads, not the climate”, “NO to climate change”, “Justice and positive energy for everybody”. They chanted: “Change the system, not the climate!” and held up an inflatable globe. The demonstrators wanted to show the participants of the Climate Summit that climate changes are affecting us all and their decisions will affect future generations. Among other things, they demanded a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to ecologists, the best solution is renewable energy, energy efficiency and a reduction in consumption. Taking part in the march were: Polish ecological organisations and movements acting on behalf of climate protection, opponents of open-pit mines, gas extraction, slate oil and nuclear power plants together with farmers, social workers and trade unionists. Before the march, a group of cyclists rode from Warsaw City Hall to the National Stadium where the Summit was taking place. Mr Cornie Huizenga (SLoCaT, promoting balanced transport) took part in the event as well as Kevin Mayne (European Cyclists’ Federation) who said, “The Earth is grateful to 35 million Europeans who ride a bike every day. I want to thank you for creating a new future”. The deputy mayor promised that Warsaw bicycle lanes will grow in number: “I know that bicycle lanes are not our strong point, but we are planning to have more thanks to EU money”. The Veturilo bike hire system has already been used 2 million times since it was recently established.

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