Invite In a Foreigner

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

“My Home is Your Home” is a project that sees foreigners meet Poles at the dinner table. This year, it will take place in Warsaw on 24 November at 1pm. It has become so popular that there are no more places left. Strangers will sit down for a meal together and this will, perhaps, be the start of a whole host of beautiful relationships. The dinner table will be ready for all manner of conversation, laughter, story-telling and opinions. “My Home is Your Home” was implemented by the Beyond Borders foundation in 2011 and has been taking place in the Czech Republic for the past nine years. Association Slovo 21, known as Rodin Odvedle (The Family from the neighbourhood), has already invited nearly 900 families across the country to multicultural tables. The meal is often the beginning of a close friendship. The success of this project in the Czech Republic attracted attention from NGOs throughout the EU. Last year, fifteen multicultural dinners were held in Warsaw. The dinners take place in the homes of people who want to be hosts. All they had to do was fill out an online form.

Newzar can be emailed to you directly


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