Pole in Britain’s Got Talent

The Youtube video featuring a Pole on Britain’s Got Talent has become an online hit. Did the Polish singer really make the British jurors cry? In the video we can see Józef from Nowy Grodzisk Mazowiecki performing in front of the jurors of Britain’s Got Talent. He tells Simon Cowell and company that he will sing his own song in Polish and ends up making them cry. He sings, “In the morning, I eat breakfast and take two or three portions of amino acid”. “It was so beautiful. You just threw me completely,” said an emotional Alesha Dixon. However, it turns out that is is yet another internet joke by the infamous internet video-mixer CeZik, this time calling himself KlejNuty. The original video is 19-year-old Jordan O’Keef, who was in the seventh edition of Britain’s Got Talent. He got to the final but came in sixth place. The voice-over was done by CeZik himself. “I totally bought the story. For a while I was actually proud of Józef but then I realised that I had been screwed over. Great job, congrats.” This was just one of the many comments of people who had been duped by CeZik.

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  1. ngm · November 29, 2013

    infamous?!? Everyone from Nowy Grodzisk Mazowiecki knows him


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