Strong Polish Economy

Signs of Hope

Signs of Hope

The economies of Poland and the UK look so good that even experts are surprised. However, Polish growth is more stable and balanced, according to The Economist. “While the economies of the EU are slowly coming out of recession, two EU states outside the euro, Britain and Poland, have strongly accelerated”. Although forecasters predicted that the UK economy will grow 1.1 per cent this year, the UK surpassed this by the end of June. “The recovery has been less stable in the UK than in Poland,” according to The Economist. Polish growth also surprised experts. The growth of the Polish economy was set to be zero this year. By June it was clear that growth will surpass 0.9 per cent by the end of the year. Moreover, according to OECD forecasts, Polish GDP in 2014 will grow by another 2.2 percent. Experts claim that the basis for Polish rapid growth is industrial production, which grew by 6.2 percent compared to September last year, and an increase in bank loans by companies investing in Poland. “Banks are more willing to take out loans for real estate investments in Poland compared to the UK,” we read in the magazine. Thanks to this, forecasters claim, the Polish economy is on a much more stable footing.

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